White Marble Marketing is dedicated to providing marketing solutions to the investment management industry. We work closely with clients to deliver their marketing priorities, develop their people and measure digital performance.

Strategy, planning &
execution of your marketing

Developing professionals that strengthen your business

Benchmarking the performance
of your marketing

What we do

White Marble is a marketing consultancy practice for the wealth & asset management industry. We work with leading asset managers, wealth managers and
property firms in the UK, Europe, US and beyond, at all stages from
start-up to global expansion.

We work and consult with clients
from thought to finish.

Who we are

Our company and team are bonded by a unique culture and set of values that inform all parts of our business. Not only do they direct how we work with clients but also how we work with each other.

What our clients say

“White Marble acted as a seamless extension of the BMO marketing team to develop the content for our adviser education site, and then design and project manage the build."

Fiona Mackenzie, UK Marketing Manager, BMO Global Asset Management (EMEA), BMO Global Asset Management

“The agency model has been invaluable to us – the ability to draw upon subject matter experts at each stage of the journey is a real asset.”

Matt Jones, Head of Distribution , Eurizon SLJ

“White Marble captured the true essence of our business, expressed in a modern and engaging way. They powerfully brought together our culture, capabilities and conviction to deliver an authentic view of Sarasin & Partners."

Lucy Capon, Head of Marketing, Sarasin & Partners

“The flexibility, reliability and expertise that White Marble offer has been a key part of our content and client engagement strategy. They are great to work with.”

Victoria Carroll , Head of Marketing, London & Capital

"This is the best narrative that I have seen that captures the true essence of JHI.”

David Master, Chief Marketing Officer, Janus Henderson

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