Generally the industry is looking for a more tangible ROI from their event strategies. Here are my thoughts for Ignites Europe around trying to ensure that the events that firms do warrant the size of budget and resource required to deliver them.

With integrated, measurable activities now commonplace, events need to work harder in the overarching strategy to avoid going off like a expensive firework on one day, aside from the wider marketing mix and not have more lasting benefit in the campaign.

Naturally alongside this, the regulatory environment means that there is much more rigour around events and entertaining. There is a typically a very thorough justification requirement now and Compliance are heavily involved with sign-off. Everything has to have a heavy educational angle and the majority offer CPD points for any in-house run events.

Breakfast events have become very popular, instead of lunches or evening events, not least because they come in under the cost per head that most firms allocate.  For similar reasons we are seeing less or no corporate entertainment because neither party (those hosting or those being entertained) can justify it.

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