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Staying authentic to your corporate narrative

The first step to being authentic is to have a clear understanding of what you are staying true to. This really comes back to purpose. The tangible difference that a well-articulated purpose can have is becoming increasingly well understood.

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Ignites article: effective events and hospitality

Effective events and hospitality article - numerous glasses of champagne on a tray at a private hosted asset management event

Generally the industry is looking for a more tangible ROI from their event strategies. Here are my thoughts for Ignites Europe around trying to ensure that the events that firms do warrant the size of budget and resource required to deliver them. With integrated, measurable activities now commonplace, events need to work harder in the overarching…

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Leaders: are they born or made?

Leader: are they born or made article Young boy with a make shift glider on a pale blue background

Ah, the good old nature v. nurture debate. Is it a cop out to say it can be a bit of both? I firmly believe that to be an inspiring leader to a motivated, ambitious team, you need to have been moulded by what you have seen, experienced, achieved, tried and indeed failed at.  These…

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5 marketing issues that regularly rear their heads

Five marketing issues article - picture demonstrates a business mind map

Having worked both in and with asset managers of different shapes and sizes over many years, we have been reflecting on some common marketing issues we all face. 1. How well defined is your brand?  Some businesses spend more time than others thinking about their brand – and it makes a difference. Without careful consideration…

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