Staying authentic to your corporate narrative

The first step to being authentic is to have a clear understanding of what you are staying true to. This really comes back to purpose. The tangible difference that a well-articulated purpose can have is becoming increasingly well understood.

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LinkedIn 2019 updates that can help improve your marketing

LinkedIn 2019 Updates

LinkedIn has become a necessary marketing channel for all types of business. It provides the opportunity to build professional relationships and share content that can cut through and resonate not only with existing networks, but wider target audiences.  LinkedIn has focused on improving the networking opportunities on a professional level with a range of marketing lead updates.…

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About Us pages – spot the difference

People sitting round a table, conducting research

We’ve been talking to clients a lot lately about their ‘About Us’ pages. Why? Because as firms are feeling pressure from so many directions; regulation, pricing, Brexit, budgets, etc they begin to focus on what their story and purpose really is. If all firms manage money, provide service, write content and leverage technology in similar…

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Is your content marketing primed for success…really?

Is content marketing primed for success article - man writing on a type writer

Content, content and more content, has been the mantra of most marketing teams for the last few years. From those few early adopters of the ‘editorial calendar’, figures have grown to show 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C marketers plan to use content marketing in their campaigns.1 An important point to make here is…

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To post or not to post…and I’m not talking about letters

It’s hard not to miss the rapid rise in social media over the past few years. For most, it’s the ‘go-to’ place to keep on top of latest news, sports, entertainment and trends.  And unlike traditional news sites, you can tailor the content to your own specific needs selecting what is interesting and relevant to…

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Leaders: are they born or made?

Leader: are they born or made article Young boy with a make shift glider on a pale blue background

Ah, the good old nature v. nurture debate. Is it a cop out to say it can be a bit of both? I firmly believe that to be an inspiring leader to a motivated, ambitious team, you need to have been moulded by what you have seen, experienced, achieved, tried and indeed failed at.  These…

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Integrating your campaigns: you talking to me?

Integrating your campaigns article - 3 people sat around a table looking at analytics data

Back in the day, before the advent of Google and the explosion of digital content, we had very few channels to work with. Direct mail was a core tool and the complex matrices used to test, test and test against core messages against segmented and targeted lists, was at worst a head scratching mess and…

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5 marketing issues that regularly rear their heads

Five marketing issues article - picture demonstrates a business mind map

Having worked both in and with asset managers of different shapes and sizes over many years, we have been reflecting on some common marketing issues we all face. 1. How well defined is your brand?  Some businesses spend more time than others thinking about their brand – and it makes a difference. Without careful consideration…

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