Brand articulation and creative expression


Our client is a highly successful boutique in the institutional market, offering a range of multi asset, alternative beta, fixed income and commodity funds. Following the strategic decision to grow further in to the wholesale markets globally, the need to have a better articulated brand and multi asset strategy became ever more paramount. Essential to the development of the brand was to ensure that it resonated with the existing clients and consultants.


White Marble were brought in to define and spearhead the project, delivering a brand that felt true to the founding principles and partners of the business, and then roll it out across all client touch points.


There were multiple phases to the project, the brand articulation process through one-one interviews with a cross section of the team, selection of the right creative agency to match our client’s team culturally and the relaunch of their website, putting the team’s research at the heart of the client journey.
White Marble also developed the core marketing collateral for the client, including a range of templates, corporate brochure and six page highlights document on the multi asset strategy, building the communication infrastructure and content to underpin a compelling client communications strategy.


The company needed a unified, central way of talking about the business to clients. A company brochure that could be used in all markets for all client types was a key deliverable for the team. We also started to build out more wholesale orientated literature for key markets where product highlights documents are useful. The application of the new branding across all templates was essential to ensure client touch points were consistent and reinforced the new brand look and feel. The key next phase was to drive engagement with the new brand through a content rich and engaging communications schedule. Key content assets were created and tailored client email structures were put in place.

In a 12-month period, we were able to drive forward the necessary brand positioning, messaging and creative changes that were needed to show our client in its true light. The result is quality, sophisticated brand with a clear identity and an institutional tone. The Client team are now proud of how they present themselves and the external image of the business now matches the internal culture.


Through the interview and articulation process, we selected and briefed the creative agency, overseeing all phases of the creative process, ensuring that the final routes presented to the Client were all credible. The final chosen brand expression centred around the organising through of ‘Dynamic Balance’. Understanding the complex and often volatile nature of markets with the aim of delivering balanced investments and smooth outcomes for clients. This creative route was a true representation of this, using the equaliser device alongside a new brand palette more in keeping with the business’s institutional tone and culture.

The website was refreshed, making the hero of the website the macroeconomic expertise and views of the team. Improved navigation to the latest insights was paramount, alongside the need to be intuitive and mobile responsive. Scalability was also crucial, to be able to introduce translations and other country sites as the business grows. The integration of a fund centre within the site was also crucial to put the Client on a par with its peer group, reinforce the quality of the business and enable clients new to our Client’s offering to interact with the dynamic fund data.