Janus Henderson Case Study

Proposition articulation of their
fixed income capabilities


“This is the best narrative that I have seen that captures the true essence of JHI.” - David Master, Chief Marketing Officer.


• Initial objective was to develop the positioning of their fixed income capabilities
• Discovery phase highlighted that a wider brand messaging and articulation phase was required
• How best to articulate the fixed income capabilities and increase overall brand awareness?


• Discover – stakeholder interviews and competitor research to discover what is authentic and different about the investment approach
• Define – more intense research (workshops and interviews) to establish and present a messaging framework for senior management approval
• Deliver – working with the marketing team to onboard the final proposition, integrate the final messaging into the brand guidelines and embed in institutional and wholesale campaigns


• Delivered clear positioning and messaging that enabled JHI to tell a differentiating story about their fixed income capability
• Engaging brand copy that ladders down to the capabilities and products; a coherent messaging house
• Embedded consistent proposition messaging across all client touchpoints and campaign materials

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