Polar Capital Case Study

Targeted advertising campaign
for an investment trust


"The Board of one of the investment trusts we manage – and one of our largest clients – was keen to run a dedicated awareness campaign for Tech Talk, a bespoke website specifically built for the Trust. At the time, we did not have the experienced in-house marketing capability needed and White Marble were able to design, develop and deliver the solution on our behalf, allowing us to outsource key marketing skills to deliver this project in the timescale we needed." - Gary Corcoran, Head of Corporate Communications and Content


• Develop a cost-effective campaign on a small budget
• Promote a series of fund manager videos to a direct retail audience
• Measure effectiveness by monitoring website activity


• Launched a digital advertising campaign using programmatic targeting solutions
• Reaching engaged and interested audiences with relevant articles and topics
• Our discovery process highlighted branding inconsistencies, resolved by better articulation of the campaign concept and messaging


• Targeted campaign ran over two months, on brand, on budget and on time
• White Marble worked as an extension to the inhouse team to project manage, execute and deliver all aspects of the campaign
• Our experience in running campaigns and wide network of contacts meant best use of budget and delivery


When comparing the organic search performance immediately prior and immediately following the launch, we saw:

  • 19% increase in organic search, compared to the previous period
  • The banner ads drove 3,253 people to the trust website

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