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Team growth: Digital services – Tabra Trezise

3 April, 2019

Delighted to have Tabra join us to expand our digital marketing capability both for our clients and our White Marble learning & measurement propositions. We’ve…

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Team growth: Creative Services – Sara Griffin

25 March, 2019

We’re delighted to welcome Sara Griffin to the White Marble team. Sara joins us from Jupiter Asset Management where she directed the creative brand leadership…

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Georgina joins Perpetual Income and Growth Investment Trust board

8 March, 2019

Exciting news for the team as Georgina (Twink) joins the Perpetual Income and Growth Investment Trust board as a non-executive Director. One of our objectives…

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We now work from WeWork

3 March, 2019

We excitedly moved into our own office a year ago at 28 Queen Street after sharing an office with the team at Spring Capital. A…

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Ignites article: effective events and hospitality

4 December, 2018

Generally the industry is looking for a more tangible ROI from their event strategies. Here are my thoughts for Ignites Europe around trying to ensure that…

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Ignites article: does the iShares brand work for Blackrock

22 November, 2018

Brand architecture is always an interesting debate – bit like the ongoing active and passive one.  So it was interesting to get Tara’s thoughts on…

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Team growth: Wealth Management – Sasha Dabliz

15 October, 2018

As continued interest in our services for wealth management grows, we’re delighted that Sasha Dabliz will be working with us to bring her marketing skills…

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Team growth: Product Director – Benjie Elston

13 October, 2018

We are thrilled to welcome Benjie Elston to the White Marble leadership team.  As Product Director, he will be continuing the development of the Fund…

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We’re hiring – Investment Communications Manager

20 September, 2018

We’re growing and looking for someone to join our team as an Investment Communications Manager. We are looking to recruit someone who was has a…

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White Marble growth – our journey so far

19 September, 2018

Since our launch in July 2014, White Marble Marketing has enjoyed the support and trust of a growing range of clients across the investment and…

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