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The AIM High podcast brings regular insights from industry experts on the opportunities and challenges of investment marketing.

Twink Field, White Marble Marketing CEO and Founder, invites an array of guests to cover everything from the evolution and impact of products, practical investment marketing insights to personal development for careers.

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Twink Aim High
James and Twink ready for their virtual podcast

AIM High: Unpicking sales enablement, ABM & ROI

11 November, 2020

In today’s episode Twink is joined by James Smee, CEO & Principal Consultant at Bridge, to take a deeper look into the relationship between sales and marketing, with a particular focus on sales enablement, ABM and ROI.

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AIM High: Marketing in Asia

29 September, 2020

In this week’s episode, Twink discusses the nature and fundamentals of marketing in Asia, as she is joined by Lydia Lee Head of Marketing, APAC at UBS Asset Management and Catherine Hooper, Head of Marketing, Southeast Asia at Janus Henderson Investors, APAC.

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AIM High: The essentials of the US market

9 September, 2020

In this week’s episode Twink is joined by Cynthia Holahan, Marketing Director of North America at Ninety One, and Gabriel Altbach, Head of North America at White Marble Marketing, to discuss the essentials of the US asset management industry.

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AIM High: Segmentation as part of your marketing strategy

24 August, 2020

As segmentation becomes an increasingly important role in a marketer’s strategy, today’s podcast episode focuses on the challenges and practicalities of this often-neglected field. Twink is joined by Babatunde Awopetu, Group Strategy and Marketing Director at Optegra, and Tabra Trezise, Digital Services Manager at White Marble Marketing.

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AIM High: Thought leadership in today’s marketing mix

3 August, 2020

In this episode, Twink discusses thought leadership with Paul Zettl, Senior Vice President and Head of Global Marketing at Cohen & Steers, and James Whitman, Head of Client Communications and Content at Aviva Investors.

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AIM High: Rethinking the role and delivery of events

16 July, 2020

In this week’s episode, Twink talks to Jon Rosies, Event Marketing Consultant, and Amy Calvert, Director at 1331 Events, to discuss the way we’re rethinking the role and delivery of events in a new working world.

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AIM High: Stakeholder management, impact and influence

26 June, 2020

In this week’s episode, Twink talks to Jackie Boylan, Head of the UK Adviser Platform at Fidelity International, and Curt Custard, Chief Investment Officer at Newton Investment Management, to discuss stakeholder management, impact and influence.

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AIM High: Shrinking or growing your marketing teams? Tips for handling both conversations

2 June, 2020

In today’s podcast we address this issue, as Twink talks to Charlie Walters, Director of CW Learning Ltd and Ruth Johnson, Director at INK HR. They discuss how to handle team growth and reduction.

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AIM High: Managing for Mental Health

11 May, 2020

In this week’s episode Twink welcomes back Janice Benning, Founder and Director of NeuroVitality Ltd to discuss how we can manage for mental health – a topic that is very much in the forefront now as we cope with isolation.

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AIM High: The role real assets play in a portfolio

1 May, 2020

This week, Twink discusses the role real assets play in a portfolio, as she’s joined by Alex Farlow, Head of Risk-based Solutions at Square Mile and Ruli Viljoen, Head of Manager Selection at Morningstar.

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