Engagement practice

Implementing your marketing strategies, delivering integrated thinking and helping lead projects, create marketing assets and embed best practice.

This is where we help clients apply, deliver and execute their strategic thinking across the marketing mix. Because of our extensive experience, we provide an effective and practical approach to getting the job done.

Advertising management: Planning and execution of advertising strategy.

Whether helping with the creative delivery, agreeing the final media mix or planning your production schedule, we work as an extension to your team to help resource and deliver across all aspects of your advertising.

Integrated campaign delivery: Seamless delivery of campaigns across all investor touch points.

Successful campaigns are the ones that consistently reinforce both the look and feel as well as the messaging.  We work to ensure that this is achieved across every possible interaction your clients have with your brand / product campaign.

Product messaging: Extracting the central and ideally differentiated, fund messages.

Our clients often ask us to meet with their fund managers to go through their presentations and find ways of improving the way in which their messages are structured and presented, providing the core story for a fund, to then be used across the wider marketing mix.

Content & collateral generation: Content to support strategic campaigns.

Either through content creation or repurposing existing work, we help devise and deliver content according to your target market and proposed distribution tactics, off and online.

Communication planning & rollout: Communication timings and tactics.

Co-ordinating all parts of a communications schedule to get key messages to market on time, can often be challenging. We work with you to agree the activity and then help schedule all parts of the communications plan to coordinate its delivery.  This can include the integration of PR and advertising, to the phasing of email marketing messages as well as complementary social media activity.

CRM/data/marketing automation: Improving the integration of data within marketing.

Clients data enables you to deliver a more personal touch.  We work with our clients to help them segment and tailor messaging and ensure that client interactions are funnelled back in to your CRM for ongoing improved client journeys and relationships.

Digital build & migration: Embedding more digital processes within their businesses.

There are a number of key technologies and suppliers that are highly effective in driving marketing efficiencies. We work with you to embed the solutions that suit your needs.

Rich media creation & delivery: Production of quality rich media.

In this increasingly time pressured environment, infographics and video are an ever-popular means of highlighting key messages in a stimulating, dynamic medium.  We work with and manage a range of production crews, briefing, scripting and producing rich media on behalf of our clients.

Event management: Project managing investment-led events.

Our involvement in your event could range from suggested creative and content routes, to agenda development and speaker briefings, to on the day event management.