White Marble is motivated and driven to make marketing a strategic, influential part of investment management

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execution of your marketing

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marketing team

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What we do

White Marble is a strategic marketing consultancy practice for the investment management industry. We work with leading asset managers in the US, Europe, and beyond, at all stages from start-up to global expansion.

We work with clients
from thought to finish.

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What our clients say

"The fund messaging developed by White Marble has made a significant difference in our conversations with clients. We’ve had much better success with our presentations on stage and one-to-one, and can now back them up with fund literature and content to keep the conversations going."

Matt Jenkins, Head of Advisory and Strategic Partners, T. Rowe Price

“The White Marble team focused on creating a strong articulation of our fixed income capabilities alongside an overarching brand narrative which effectively captured JHI’s core brand values and key tenets of our fixed income offering post merger"

Rebekka Lambert, Head of Institutional Marketing , Janus Henderson Investors

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