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Why sales shouldn’t have all the fun(nel)…

In an investment industry obsessed with sales, marketing has long been thought of as the poorer cousin of…

3 minutes

The Cookie Conundrum

Cookies are bad right? Wrong. Some cookies could be considered as bad by visitors, but unfortunately this perception…

3 minutes

Staying authentic to your corporate narrative

Building on the research of Harvard Business Review, here are the reasons why staying authentic to your corporate narrative can help your business perform better.

2 minutes

AIM High: Assessment of Value year two: The good, the bad and the ugly

Twink is joined by three industry experts, John Bennett, Head of Adviser Proposition at Sparrows Capital Limited, David Ogden, Head of Compliance at Sparrows Capital and Esther Armstrong, Marketing Consultant at White Marble Marketing, to discuss ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ of the new Assessment of Value reports.

2 minutes

Are you (really) speaking to your clients’ needs?

Lauren Thys, Investment Communications Manager, explains how insight into clients’ needs can help asset and wealth managers with more effective marketing.

3 minutes

Investment industry content challenges: in their own words 

Reflecting on recent discussions and insight from a content-focused day on our Learning Academy course, here are five insights and considerations marketers can use to improve their content efforts.

2 minutes

The importance of a learning mindset

A learning mindset is crucial for a digital focused world. In the past 18 months all industries have…

2 minutes

What’s in a name?

Twink Field reflects on the recent rebrand of Abrdn

2 minutes

The potential rise of ‘smarketing’

Jen Taylor reflects on the changing dynamic between sales and marketing teams.

3 minutes

The ROI conundrum

Five alternative metrics for return on investment The race to prove marketing effectiveness in asset management is on.…

4 minutes

Improve your content for search

When you create content for your digital audiences, it can be easy to sink into a pattern of…

3 minutes

ESG trends 2021: Circular economy

In this series, White Marble's ESG team highlights the key themes that we believe will take centre stage…

3 minutes

Marketing in the Middle East

The Middle East is considered by many as an opaque market, it can be difficult to know who the end investors are and…

< 1 minute

Dear C-Suite: How to do digital

Managing Director Andrew Scott knows the answer and provides his recommendations for how asset management firms can conquer digital

2 minutes

4ps to overcome ‘Imposter’ syndrome

Over the last twenty years White Marble has had the privilege of training hundreds of ambitious marketers around the world, representing…

3 minutes

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