Course overview

An industry recognised, six-month certification and training programme focused on developing the brightest marketing talent in investment management.  

The course is spread over five, intensive one-day sessions. Each day is focused on a core marketing subject, offering insights and debate from industry experts and small structured workshop groups. These workshop style sessions provide an intensive, effective learning environment where each delegate is expected and encouraged to contribute. 

At the end of the programme you will have developed an innovative strategy for both your business and your career development.

Learning outcomes

  • Deeper understanding of the market landscape 

  • New perspectives on marketing mix and applications 

  • Build confidence and career progression opportunities 

Who is this for?

For marketers with 3-5 years’ experience looking to progress towards management roles.

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5 days

3 - 5 years' experience

Key features

Strategic planning

A deeper understanding of the changing asset management landscape 

Digital and content strategy

New perspectives on marketing strategy and communications mix 

Leadership skills

Develop confidence and valuable leadership skills from subject experts 

Build a peer group

Engage with peers and industry experts to widen your network and encourage continued development 

What you'll learn


Contemporary industry trends

A deep dive into the industry, providing fresh insights into its changing dynamics, distribution channels and the impact on marketing. 

  • Understand the purpose, history and change in the asset management industry  
  • Appreciate the clients’ changing needs and changing dynamics in sales and distribution
  • Explore the increasing focus on ESG and responsible investing, and what it means to different audiences 


Strategic campaign planning

Looking at what campaign means in today's context, how do we plan, execute and effectively measure to ensure commercial success. 

  • Understand the power of brand in asset management and its importance for all activities, communications and client experience
  • Explore the latest trends in campaign planning


Effective content strategy

Challenging how to effectively communicate with customers and make your content work harder. 

  • How to craft different messages for different audiences.  
  • How to repurpose and maximise content ROI 


Digital dynamics

A lively and interactive day understanding the changing digital landscape, and what this means for marketing in the digital world. 

  • How to build compelling online propositions  
  • How to segment your CRM 


Leadership in action

Individual management styles, how to influence and effectively communicate and manage key relationships. 

  • Understand the importance of marketing in corporate strategy and delivery.  
  • How to create an effective personal development plan 

Meet your instructors

Quentin Crowe

Quentin is an award-winning marketer with more than 25 years' experience. Developing White Marble Learning's suite of courses and programmes, he brings his skills and experience of being a coach, facilitator, mentor, trainer and consultant to develop the unique format…

Other courses

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The Induction is a four half-day introduction course to marketing in the investment industry. Perfect for fast tracking those new to the industry, it provides learning and development, as well as an opportunity to begin building a network of peers within the industry.

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Future leaders

The Future Leaders programme develops commercial acumen, strategic thinking and planning skills as well as building out the soft skills to present, influence and negotiate with senior stakeholders within the marketers business.

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The Leaders programme is designed to build individual profile, skills & confidence in senior marketers aiming for the c-suite, providing development across technical skills, soft skills and strategic perspectives in an exclusive group.

Team booking

Think your team could benefit from this course? We are able to deliver this course, or even specific versions of our courses, to groups as and when required. Find out how we can tailor our programmes to your needs. 

How can we help you with learning?

Benefits to employers

As well as developing individuals, our bespoke training gives your team the ability to use practical skills and knowledge in their roles. This helps them contribute further to projects and continue their personal development. Your business will gain: 

  • Improved competency and industry nous 
  • Confident and engaged employees 
  • A team with a wider and improved skillset

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