Course overview

A six-day programme over six months, designed to build individual profile, technical & soft skills, strategic perspectives and confidence in senior marketers aiming for the C-Suite.  

Aiming to increase the number of marketers achieving c-suite status, the course is made up of three, two-day sessions delivered over six months. Each day is focused on a core marketing subject, offering insights and debate from industry experts. 

You will explore key contemporary challenges that will have a profound impact on both the industry and your career. At the end of the Leaders programme, candidates compile a report suitable for tabling at a major industry event or conference. Topics chosen by previous candidates include millennial investors, digital disruptors and financial illiteracy. Even after graduation candidates are coached and supported as they continue to build their personal profiles.  

Learning outcomes

  • Tackle contemporary industry challenges 

  • Personal profile development for thought leadership recognition

  • Compilation of a report to table at an industry event  

Who is this for?

Heads of marketing, Directors and those in wider marketing leadership roles.

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6 days

Heads of marketing and beyond

Key features


You will create the basis of a ‘White Paper’ on your chosen industry challenge that in turn will inform a strategic plan for a C-Suite presentation. 

1:1 coaching

In such a small group individual needs and learning requirements can be met to ensure development 

Exclusive peer group

Join a group of high-level peers with which to exchange views on strategy, regulation, leadership and more  

Dedicated development

Having time away from the distractions of the office to focus on learning, sharing and developing key leadership skills is invaluable both to your personal development and the value you offer your employer. 

What you'll learn


Contemporary challenges

Introduction to programme and exploration of the macro trends and issues faced by the industry. Building marketing credibility by being a thought leader on these wider issues, beyond the marketing department. 


Strategic leadership

Explore the strategic drivers for business leaders including how to create a culture of innovation, of idea generation as well as the ability to adapt to change 


Client centricity and insight

Exploration of advanced segmentation and the strategic impact of consumerisation, and lessons to be learned from other sectors. 


Digital disruption

Exploration of emerging digital trends and their potential strategic impact on the investment industry. 


Commercial acumen

Learn what drives the profitability and success of investment management companies and appreciate the evolving environment in which they operate 


Stakeholder management

How to build your impact, influence and negotiation skills to deal with challenging stakeholders. 

Meet your instructors

Charlie Walters

Charlie is hugely experienced in financial learning and development, including running Schroders' Learning & Development department. He works closely with Quentin across the Academy, Future Leaders and Leadership courses, facilitating, developing and evolving the course content.

PR Smith

PR Smith is an international speaker, integrated digital marketer, author (6 books in 8 languages) and founder of SOSTAC® Planning system, voted in the Top 3 business models worldwide by the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Centenary Poll and now adopted…

Quentin Crowe

Quentin is an award-winning marketer with more than 25 years' experience. Developing White Marble Learning's suite of courses and programmes, he brings his skills and experience of being a coach, facilitator, mentor, trainer and consultant to develop the unique format…

Farley Thomas

Farley is a C-Suite coach accredited at Masters level in executive coaching. He branched out of financial services around six years ago to work with business leaders and their teams across a wide range of sectors, from cutting-edge fintech to old-school print…

Team booking

Think your team could benefit from this course? We are able to deliver this course, or even specific versions of our courses, to groups as and when required. Find out how we can tailor our programmes to your needs. 

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Benefits to employers

As well as developing individuals, the programme teaches attendees how to practically use their knowledge within their roles, contribute further to projects and continue their personal development. Businesses will gain: 

  • Improved competency and industry nous
  • Confident and engaged employees
  • A team with a wider and improved skillset

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