Measure the performance of your marketing with Metrologis

Measuring marketing is hard.

Metrologis helps you answer the question - 'what does good look like?'


Metrologis is a digital benchmarking service for investment managers. We provide access to peer analytics and market intelligence. 

By creating value exchange, members share real time data to allow marketing, digital and content specialists to analyse and compare the performance of their digital activities against their peers.

What you'll get:

  • Acccess to thousands of data points across web, email, search, social, site performance, event tracking and more.
  • Membership to a marketing community of 14 companies with 40+ digital marketers (and growing!).
  • Access to your Metrologis Dashboard, the home for all data across digital channels.
  • Optional API to access data for internal reporting.

Who we work with

Large asset managers

Large asset managers

Large US, UK and global firms operating across multiple countries, channels, audiences and languages.

Property investment managers

Property investment managers

Large property/real estate investment firms operating across multiple countries, channels, audiences, and languages.

Mid-sized/boutique asset managers

Large asset managers

Mid-sized and boutique firms operating primarily in the UK and Europe across channels and audiences.

Why benchmark?

Access data and insights that give you a holistic view of marketing standards in your sector.


Understand what your strengths are in relation to the peer group.


Justify your marketing budget with accurate performance data.


Drive digital marketing excellence to improve your performance.

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