We are a team of marketing specialists, who are passionate about delivering marketing best practice for our clients

About White Marble

We provide a full marketing service from ‘thought to finish’ delivering strategic oversight and campaign planning, through to implementation and execution services. We regularly work as an extension to client in-house resources and expertise, or otherwise as a fully outsourced service. Our clients range from large international groups to leading boutiques, delivering marketing solutions for them across the US Europe and further afield.

  • We are a team of marketing specialists who have held head of marketing and senior positions for many years. This means most challenges are familiar to us, we can anticipate certain issues and put forward practical, achievable solutions.
  • The right person at the right time. We provide a single Account lead and then seamlessly rotate in key specialists to bring the relevant marketing expertise to the project, at the right time.
  • We are independent, so we have no bias in terms of the solutions we present, but are solely driven to achieve the best marketing outcome for our clients.

Meet the team

  • Georgina (Twink) Field

    Chief Executive Officer & FounderRead Bio
  • Gabriel Altbach

    Head of North AmericaRead Bio
  • Andrew Scott

    Managing DirectorRead Bio
  • Benjie Elston

    Product DirectorRead Bio
  • Nick Pilkington

    Consultant DirectorRead Bio
  • Tabra Trezise

    Digital Services ManagerRead Bio
  • Sara Griffin

    Creative Services ManagerRead Bio
  • Jen Taylor

    Marketing AssistantRead Bio
  • Tom Meadley

    Business DevelopmentRead Bio
  • Ellie McGee

    Marketing ConsultantRead Bio
  • Lauren Thys

    Investment Communications Manager Read Bio
  • Sonia Irvine

    Brand Director & Senior Marketing ConsultantRead Bio
  • Rebecca Vogel

    Senior Marketing AssistantRead Bio
  • Ben Yelland

    Marketing and Sales AssistantRead Bio
  • Elisa Magistrali

    Marketing ConsultantRead Bio
  • Ross Treleaven

    Marketing Consultant Read Bio
  • Christian Aspreno

    Creative ArtworkerRead Bio
  • Lisa Mattes

    Marketing Executive Read Bio
  • Tazeen Jobbar

    Marketing ConsultantRead Bio
  • Sofia Di Adamo

    Marketing Assistant Read Bio
  • Kennedy Lynn

    Marketing AnalystRead Bio